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Successfully Connecting The Dentist’s Present With Their Future

Serving North & South Carolina


Buying or selling a practice? Looking for a trusted partner to help during the transition? We are experts in listing your dental practice for sale and connecting people to the best opportunities for their business!

WHY DDSmatch?


WHY DDSmatch?

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Trusted Transition Process™

The Trusted Transition Process™


DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

Landing the Airplane (The Trusted Transition Process™)

Finding the Perfect Match (Our Match Process)

Prepared for Anything (Legal Counsel)

Fair Practice Evaluation (Third-party Business Valuations)

Transitioning on Your Terms (Practice Optimizer Experience)


Neal McFadden, DDSmatch
Helping Dentists Transition in North & South Carolina

Years with DDSmatch

Years in the Industry

Neal McFadden, representing clients in North and South Carolina. Neal is a dental industry veteran with over 30 years of experience primarily within the Southeast. Neal spent 21 years working with Patterson Dental as the Greenville, South Carolina Branch Manager, the Southeast Region President and the President of Strategic Accounts for the entire company. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our team by working closely and understanding the needs of both solo practitioners, small groups and elite Dental Service Organizations. Neal’s dedication to his clients, his transparency and relational approach to business is what drives his success. Neal is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of South Carolina and holds a bachelors degree from Bob Jones University. He resides in Simpsonville, South Carolina with his wife Isabel and his daughter Alexandra.

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  • Dr. Chip Butler – Liberty, NC  – 336-312-1597

“From start to finish, Neal was professional, available and very knowledgeable about selling my rural dental practice.  His experience was paramount in delivering the perfect fit for my office.  He made the transition easy and was able to guide me to insure I received full value for the deal.   I am very grateful to Neal for allowing me to retire and know that my office and patients will be well cared for as I retire.”

  • Dr. Joe Palmer  – Greenville, SC  – 864-915-4959

“Neal McFadden, with ddsmatch, went way and above what was expected to assure to assure a smooth transition when my associate purchased half of my practice. He worked with the banks, navigated all their requirements, and even drove over 80 miles on the day of closing to pick up a form form me that the bank required at the last minute. Thank you Neal you did a great job.

  • Dr. Nicole Wright – Winston Salem, NC – 

“Everything is going so well with the transition. The doctor is such an upbeat and easy person to work with. Thank you for all you did to help the transition happen as smoothly as it has. “

  • Dr. Joshua DuBose, DMD – North Augusta, SC – 404-987-3848

‘The office I purchased was handled by Neal McFadden of ddsmatch. I can, without hesitation, recommend Neal to handle all practice acquisitions.  He walked hand in hand with both myself and the seller and was the calming voice of assurance that is always needed in these types of money exchanges.  His expertise, wise counsel, and vast experience make Neal the absolute perfect person to help with any transitioning practice.’

  • Dr. Sam Bartlett – Winston Salem, NC – 453-553-5392

“I was looking to purchase a dental practice for over a year. I had worked with 4 different brokers, with one I got pretty far down the path of purchasing an office but ended up not buying that practice. Neal from DDSMatch was extremely easy to work with. Not only was he professional and kind, not to mention always available, but his knowledge about the whole process made things go very smoothly. Looking back at the other 4 brokers I was using, the transition would have been disastrous with any one of them except Neal. In addition, Neal was not just “in it for the sale”. As a buyer I never paid him a penny, but even after he had been paid (by the seller) he continued to check up on ME to see how he could help. Talk about a great guy.”

  • Dr. Timothy Brown – Winston Salem, NC – 336-416-3310

“From a sellers point of view my practice transition could not have been smoother.  Neal was available at all time throughout the whole process.  Also, could not have found a better match for my patients and staff.  Thanks”

  • Dr. Sid Bryson – Walhalla, SC – 864-903-1909

“Neal McFadden, was very professional, very personable, and all around nice guy. He was always just a text or phone call away, if we ever needed help or questions. So glad we had him for this transition.”

  • Dr. Natalia Antley – Columbia, SC  – 803-730-1757

“I was very pleased to work with Neal during the purchase of my practice. His knowledge in the field and in transitions was very helpful. He put me in touch with all the right people from attorneys to accountants. Neal is also very responsive and takes care of things very quickly. He is a great help during a process that can be overwhelming at times. Thanks Neal!” Natalia Antley, DDS

  • Dr. Terry Willis – Greenville, SC – 864-420-1956

“I recently underwent a practice sale while using the services of Neal McFadden of ddsmatch . These transitions can be a difficult time for both parties . Negotiating contracts , changing accounts , leases, software ownership and vendors can be overwhelming . Thankfully ,Neal was able to take the load off of us and make the process bearable.  I would recommend  Neal and ddsmatch to those that are transitioning in the future without any reservations.” Terry Willis DMD

  • Dr. Paul Downing – Columbia, SC – 803-736-9991

“ddsmatch has been a Godsend for me.  I needed to sell my practice to evolve into another and Neal McFadden worked tirelessly, professionally and seamlessly in both staffing and transition.  Even my accountant was impressed with the work ethic demonstrated by Neal.  I would recommend he and ddsmatch without hesitation!” Paul Downing, DMD

  • Dr. Phillip Gould – Greenville, SC – 864-360-0982

“From the buyers point of view, Neal was very helpful for both the transition and finding the perfect office that fit my treatment philosophy and patient care.  I highly recommend DDSmatch for anyone trying to buy or sell a practice.  I truly couldn’t be happier with the outcome and how smooth the closing and transition has been.” Phillip Gould, DMD

  • Dr. Buck Linthicum – Greensboro, NC – 336-207-8599

“Neal was extremely professional in helping me sell my practice. His guidance made the process easier than I expected. He exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend his services.” Buck Linthicum DDS

  • •Waldo Bradley – Charlotte, NC – 912-308-9913

“Neal was a pleasure to work with.  Every step of the way, Neal was abreast of the transition and stayed on top of things.  His leadership led to a smooth execution.” Waldo Bradley, Charlotte, NC

  • •Dr. Todd Brown – Greer, SC – 864-316-1580

“I’m extremely thankful to Neal McFadden for all the help and guidance he provided during my recent transition of purchasing a dental practice.  During a transition there are A LOT of moving parts happening at the same time, so the process can be very overwhelming at times.  Neal was instrumental in keeping the “Transition Train” on the track with very specific checklists and timelines.  I am happy and honored to recommend Neal to anyone looking to transition “into” or “out” of a dental practice.” – J Todd Brown DMD

  • •Rhett Duleba – Columbia, SC – 980-328-1651

“Entrepreneurship is challenging, finding the best practice for your specific needs is time consuming, bringing the deal to fruition is demanding. Throughout the acquisition process you need a network of trusted experts. Neal McFadden with ddsMatch Carolinas managed our practice acquisition from start to close. Attentive, professional, intuitive, Neal made it happen. Our thanks from Value Dental Carolinas to Neal McFadden and his staff.”  Rhett –  Columbia, SC

  • •Dr. Andy Butcher – Spartanburg, SC -864-529-1614

“Working with Neal during our transition was a pleasure. He is always available, professional &  persistently moving the process forward. He made our transition as smooth as it possibly could have been. Thank You, Neal”

  • •Dr. William Burn – Irmo, SC – 803-622-4918

“My experience with Neal and DDS Match was professional yet very friendly. The sale and transition of your practice can be quite stress producing, but Neal answered all questions, was always there for assurance, gave great advice, and saw the process through completion by attending the closing. I would highly recommend him in the future!” – William A. Burn, III, DMD, MAGD

  • Dr. Lyle Parks – Greenville, SC – 864-696-5917

“Neal was a tremendous asset in assisting and managing the buying of my practice.  His expertise as well as knowledge paved the way for an extremely smooth transition for both the buyer and seller involved.” Dr. Lyle Parks, Greenville, SC

  • Dr. Jason Bodnar – Western, NC – 828-230-4685

“Neal was helpful, informative, knowledgeable, and easy to work with…our practice acquisition with him was smoothest we’ve ever had.  I look forward to working with him again and recommend you do too if you’re looking to buy or sale a practice.” Franklin, NC

  • Dr. David Lovit – Columbia, SC – 803-269-9600

“Neal Mcfadden was a great resource in determining which way to proceed during your thought process for a practice transition. He and their company are very knowledgeable to guide you through the process whether to sell to another Doctor or a corporate entity. His knowledge about which corporate entity that is right for you based on him talking with you is invaluable.” – David M. Lovit, DMD, FAGD”

  • Dr. Jay Bruce – West Union, SC – 864-760-9834

“Neal McFadden and were instrumental in helping me to sell my dental practice and real estate very quickly and at full value!” – Jay Bruce

  • Dr. Ryan Mehrer – King, NC – 248-214-4941

“Neal with ddsmatch was a pleasure to work with for my practice acquisition. He was hands on throughout the entire process to ensure that we checked all the boxes and closed in a timely manner. I Highly recommend him “  Ryan M. – King, NC

  • Dr. Scott Smith – Maudlin, SC – 864-354-0978

“We appreciate everything you did for us during this transition and we were extremely pleased with the way you made it as seamless and painless as possible.” – Greenville, SC

  • Dr. Jim Dickert – Greenville, SC – 864-270-6665

“Neal McFadden was a tremendous help during my recent practice transition.  His experience, demeanor, knowledge, and resources made for a very smooth experience. Without reservation I highly recommend Neal for all transition needs.”

  • Dr. Bob Whitley – New Bern, NC – 252-617-2727 

“It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Neal McFadden and his brokerage firm  After interviewing him my wife and I were very comfortable that he was someone we wanted representing my office once we decided to sell and retire.  He brought us qualified interested potential purchasers after vetting them himself.  Once we reviewed our options we were able to choose a very qualified dentist that we felt would continue the practice in a similar philosophy and practice model.  The negotiations and closing proceeded seamlessly, and both parties were quite satisfied with the outcome. Neal was in communication with us all the way in a very friendly and professional manner.  I would highly recommend his services when you are ready to transition your practice.”

  • Dr. Barry Watson – Murphy, NC – 828-361-2831

Neal McFadden with DDSMatch did a great job facilitating the transition of my dental practice. From the preplanning to the negotiations and contracts he was always there to help and kept things running smooth and made it all come together on closing day on time. Very pleased with the process and highly recommend Neal and DDSMatch.

  • Dr. Don Ambler – Andrews, NC – 828-361-0974

‘Would I recommend Neal to broker your practice?  Absolutely, no question. His expertise, professionalism, promptness, staying in touch, concern for both parties to make it work, and seeing that every minute detail is covered…give the man 5 stars!!!! Thank you Neil. It has been a pleasure” P.S.” Now can I go play in the yard?!?!”

  • Dr. Park Ladd – Greenville, SC – 828-406-2925

“Neal – Thanks again so much for everything! This has been such a smooth process thus far. I never would have found Dr Jennings without you, and for that I am forever grateful. I appreciate your commitment to me and my family and for thinking of us throughout the last few years as opportunities came about. I believe this is going to be an excellent fit for us moving forward and I am excited for the future. If you ever need a positive review or recommendation, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks again.”

  • Dr. Garnett Ramsbottom – Asheville, NC – 828-273-9239

“When it came time to sell my dental practice, a trusted friend in the business recommended Neal McFadden saying “He will work hard for you”.  I have to admit that to be a very true statement when it was all said and done.  Neal was professional, caring, and listened to my every need.  He understood all aspects of the transition and made himself available for any and all questions throughout.  I cannot recommend him enough for the buying and selling of your practice.  Thank you Neal!”

  • Dr. John Piccione, Greenville, SC – 864-979-3728

“Neal McFadden whose history and experience in the dental field spans decades, is in a class of his own. No comparison. Simply, Neal made the process easy and never took short cuts and did this all with great humility and class, leadership and command of the process.